What Scriptoria Offers

Scriptoria is modeled after MFA residencies and offers the following:



A valuable part of Scriptoria is your participation in receiving and giving comments on works-in-progress. This is the actual workshop. Participants will be assigned to a workshop class based on genre, and the classes will run daily from 9 am to 11 am —except Monday, which starts at 9:30 am. Scriptoria faculty will lead the groups and will contact their assigned participants with precisely how they’ll run the workshop. 

Workshops are an excellent way to get helpful feedback on your writing. Your facilitator and classmates will talk about what works well and where they see growing edges. Each participant will have a turn. (Note: Being nervous is human. You’ll be in good company.)

Please ready the following amount of writing, depending on your genre:

· Fiction Writers: Up to 15 pages, double-spaced. This may be chapters of one work or short stories.

· Nonfiction Writers: Up to 15 pages, double-spaced. This may be chapters or separate essays.

· Poetry Writers: Up to 8 poems. 

Compile your submission as a WORD document, with your name and page numbers on every page. (Using WORD allows us to use Comments, Track changes, etc., in the review process.)

Submit your document by May 20 via email, to ScriptoriaWorkshop@gmail.com

NOTE: Participants who register shortly before or later than May 20 are NOT TOO LATE. Just submit your material as soon as possible, and we will connect you to the best workshop group for your genre.