Special Features

Structured Independent Writing Sessions

In past years, Scriptoria registrant have asked if we could schedule into our busy days some time when they could sit down and write.  

The hope was that folks could practice some of the craft elements they had been studying, or work on their peer-reviewed pieces, or try something entirely new based on an idea they had come up with during the sessions.  

Creating this time also allows for folks to leave Scriptoria on Friday with a manuscript in progress--and we all know it's easier to work on developing a piece for which you have some drafty pages than to work ex nihilo.

 To that end, Scriptoria will offer Structured Independent Writing sessions from Monday through Thursday afternoons during our Writing Recess times.

A Chance to Practice

These sessions will last an hour. The group will consist of between five and seven members.  In the sessions, you will be meeting with the session leader, and each participant of your group will quickly set out a goal for that session:  Revise the opening pages.  Take two paragraphs and rewrite in a different point of view.  Mess around with some metaphoric language.  Write in the present tense.  Change the chronology of three of the events in the story.  Clarify the attitudes of two of the characters.  Shift the setting.

After that brief opening, the group will write until ten minutes before the end of the session, at which time each person will report on how things went.

Participating in these sessions will be optional, though if you choose to participate, the expectation is that you'll be a part of the group for the four afternoon sessions. 

Micro-Credential Badges

Microcredentials are now awarded for participating in short, innovative, skills-based learning experiences.

These allow learners to add value to their career and validate their workshop experience. The microcredentials are authenticated with a virtual “badge.”

These virtual badges can be placed on your resume, CV, or LinkedIn page.  You can read more about Calvin’s use of microcredentials here.  You can see other microcredentials here. Scriptoria’s will look something like this:

Artistic Opportunities

Scriptoria delights in offering an optional artistic hour, where we stretch our creative muscles and learn about another craft. Under Professor Anna Greidanus we have created prayer pots and parchment booklets.

In 2024, we have two opportunities: 

Anna Greidanus returns with art TBD

Debra Freeberg will be leading a creative drama following our Wednesday group dinner.