Updated  - April 28, 2023

Award Categories

Award Submission

Poetry Award: Entrants submit a portfolio of 5-7 poems, not to exceed 8 pages. Award is $500 plus free registration for 2024 Scriptoria. 

Essay Award: Entrants submit a 1000-1500 word essay. Prize is $500 plus free registration for 2024 Scriptoria. 

Scriptoria Editing Award for Fiction: Entrants submit a 20-25-page writing sample of either a novel (YA or Adult) or a book-length manuscript of short stories, along with a 300-word synopsis of the work. (Both in PDF format, please.) The actual complete novel or story collection must have a 50,000-word minimum. This prize is the gift from Hugh Cook of free professional editing of your completed work. 

Literary Fiction Award: Entrants submit a near-final draft novel or collection of stories with a 50,000 word minimum. Award is $5000.

Submission Requirements and Formatting: 

All submissions must be *new* work, which has not been submitted or juried elsewhere prior to Scriptoria. 

All submissions must be sent as a PDF to, with the email subject line indicating which award you are applying for.  Each document must be page-numbered, with the title only (no names). Judges will not know the identities of the entrants. 

Award Due Dates & Processing Details

The due date for the Scriptoria Editing Award for Fiction is May 1st. 

All other submissions are due June 1st

All categories are judged by experienced professionals who remain anonymous.

Scriptoria Literary Fiction Award

An Annual $5,000 Prize


The Vision

Imagine reading contemporary fiction that engages, challenges, awakens your faith. Imagine a voice that gives insight to unnamed yet ever-present longings or fears. Imagine stories where faith is neither trivial nor silent, but complex, engaged, and essential.

The generous donors of the Scriptoria Literary Fiction Award hope for both awakenings and challenges that arise from faith commitments.

Scriptoria is a place where such voices and gifts are noticed and supported. We envision spiritually-attuned fiction that shows literary promise. The prize recognizes and encourages work that demonstrates excellence in writerly craft and wordsmithing.

Out of the catacombs of our thoughts and into the literary spotlight for the world to see—the process begins at Scriptoria Workshop.


General Guidelines

·  All fiction writers registered and attending the workshop will be eligible for this award.

·  The document can be either a near-final draft novel or a collection of short stories.

·  In future years, any Scriptoria Workshop past attendee may submit a completed manuscript for consideration in the current year’s review.

·  In any year, the judges may suspend the award, if they deem that no submitted work meets expectations.


Submission Guidelines

·  Create a PDF of your document, with title only. Omit your name. The judges will not know your name.

·  Submit your completed, novel-length PDF manuscript by June 1, 2023 to with subject line Literary Fiction Award.